5 Top Body Wrap Spas in the U.S.

Summer can be quite stressful. While on vacation, I actually went into one of the best known spas in New York City and it appears on this list as well. It was amazing and I could literally feel as if all the stress had disappeared. Body wraps are a special type of spa treatment and have become highly popular options for regular spa goers. If you have never had a body wrap treatment, then you should definitely get one. In addition to being insanely relaxing, body wrap treatments also promote detoxification and weight loss. Body wrap treatments also might be the perfect cure for your bloating woes. Here are some of the best body wrap spas I’ve had the great fortune to visit throughout my life.

Red Door Spas by Elizabeth Arden

If there ever were a luxury body wrap spa to exist, then this would be it. Elizabeth Arden is known to make some of the most invigorating and amazing skin care products. Her body wrap treatments are nothing less than what one would expect for spa services from such a renowned line. The best wrap treatment available at Red Door Spas is the phyto-organic, shea butter wrap. Aside from leaving your body as smooth as that of a baby’s, your skin will be wonderfully exfoliated, glowing and succulent. The best part is that there are multiple locations throughout the states.

BodyWrap Spa

Although the spa’s website might turn you off, don’t let it. This is another top body wrap spa, winner of the Bodywrap Spa Best of Columbus, Ohio Award for both 2011 and 2012. Their ultimate steam therapy is a sensational wrap treatment. In addition to purifying and detoxifying your body of harmful toxins, the steam portion of the treatment promotes water loss, helping you feel lighter and less bloated. Also try their Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee Body Treatment for your bloating problems.

Bliss Mind & Body Spa

This relatively small, no frills spa in Glendale, California has one of the most unique body wrap treatments. They offer the Formostar InfraBody Wrap. This treatment uses deep infrared heat to hyperactivate key enzymatic and metabolic functions to promote massive calorie burning in a short 50 minute session. Although they claim you can burn up to 900-1400 calories, clients have noted this amazing treatment still left them feeling and looking slightly more toned. This treatment is also unique for clearing up all the disgusting toxics polluting your beautiful body. The deep heating also relaxes muscles, giving you a warm, yet entirely pleasing experience.

The Stay Spa & Resort

Wisconsin’s very own The Stay Spa & Resort is yet another luxury spa offering several body care treatments. Their Aroma Body Wrap is their only wrap treatment and for good reason. Indulge your senses while detoxifying, moisturizing, and soothing your tired, moisture-hungry skin. Enjoy the benefits of a complete body exfoliation with AVEDA products. If you love green skincare, then this wrap is perfect for you as AVEDA is a green skin and hair care line. The included scalp massage will make you feel both senseless and powerless, as there are hundreds of nerve endings located just in your scalp that will make you tremble with bliss. You will be in for the ultimate treat with this body wrap experience.

Acqua Beauty Bar

A body wrap spa list without one of New York’s top body wrap spas wouldn’t be any kind of list at all. This celebrity musician loved spa is always booked for good reason. It is one of the best places for instant slimming. Their body slimmer treatment includes highly concentrated seaweed clay, which allows alpha hydroxy acids to slough away dead skin cells. Acqua Beauty Bar also claims that this clay helps promote cellulite drainage, especially for the thighs and glutes. Caffeine is also used, a key ingredient for detoxification and water reduction for your body wrap treatment.


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