7 Ways to Combat Emotional Eating

Many people reach out for comfort foods after a bad and stressful day at work, when depression strikes (especially during certain seasons like fall and winter), or when suffering from low self-esteem and confidence issues. Fortunately, there are a few things one can do to avoid sabotaging one’s diet and good lifestyle habits.

1. Journal

Although it might sound silly to some of you, how many online blogs were the result of someone deciding to blog their thoughts in the public blogosphere? Whether you feel comfortable typing out your feelings or putting pen to paper, write down what is upsetting you and bothering you. Several studies indicate that the simple act of writing down what bothers you and seeing it put in word reduces a lot of the stress and pressure from those unwanted feelings.

2. Talk to others

Talk with someone who is close to you, whether it be your mom, dad, sibling, significant other, or best friend. Let them know what is bothering you. The simple act of disclosing hidden fears, worries, and sad feelings is enough to make you feel lighter and more hopeful.

3. Make a list

Take one minute everyday to write down a few things (the more the better) you are grateful for. It can be something good that happened the day before, or something you are always grateful for, like a supportive spouse, friend, or coworker.

4. Exercise

You’ve heard it before, but exercise can do wonders for your mood. Take baby steps if you have to. Even starting with five minutes of exercise a day can do amazing things for your state of mind.

5. Find inspiration

Here is a helpful website: BecauseICanDoIt.com. This terrific website seeks to motivate and help people move forward, avoid procrastination, and take control of their lives. It’s easy to find inspiration from motivational YouTube videos and the like.

6. Journal Version 2

Write down your upsetting feelings. And after you do, write down a few things, as if you are talking back to these feelings. Sometimes, irrationality overtakes rationality and stepping back, even for a little bit, can help you see where some of your negative thoughts are over the top and when they are hinting at something deeper. Here’s an example:

I had a horrible day at work because of Julie’s constant snide remarks about my work progress. Everybody likes what I do except for her. It ruined my whole day.

Who is she that she can easily control me? That’s what she wants! Tomorrow, I will see her snide remarks as a compliment to my dedication, incredible work-ethic, and desire to achieve, whereas she only moves forward in life when she can put down others and make them feel miserable. 

7. SAMe

If the above do not work, try the supplement SAMe. SAMe, or S-adenosyl-methionine, is produced from the amino acid methionine. In turn, SAMe helps produce important brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.  Chemicals like these are necessary for proper brain function.  When depression takes over, SAMe doesn’t get produced as much and neither do the other brain chemicals that rely on this important substance. Although best to discuss with your doctor and/or nutritionist, when you feel depressed, try taking 200 to 400 mg of SAMe two to four times a day.


2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Combat Emotional Eating

  1. Hi Jeskabe,

    I didn’t find any contact form, so I just decided to leave a comment here with a huge THANK YOU for appreciating my work and recommending my website. I’m really grateful for having been able to inspire you to improve your life in any way.

    Btw, your blog has some interesting topics :). Maybe one day you’ll write for more than just friends and family.

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Hi Daisa! I have been thinking about transitioning to my own domain so that I can add a contact form and the like. I’m thankful for something you’ve helped me use to find inspiration when I had none left 🙂

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