13 Ways to Get Rid of Stress

When fall and winter will roll around, I know that the time will come when I let stress get the better of me. I’ve been seeking out books, blogs, and any other literature I can find on ways to deal with stress, before stress and overeating mix. Here is something from Change your Brain, Change Your […]

5 Top Body Wrap Spas in the U.S.

Summer can be quite stressful. While on vacation, I actually went into one of the best known spas in New York City and it appears on this list as well. It was amazing and I could literally feel as if all the stress had disappeared. Body wraps are a special type of spa treatment and […]

Spring’s Top 3 Scents

Stuck inside with some winter blues? Jump to the upcoming spring season with the these 3 hot perfume picks. Whether your style favors flowery notes or sensuous thrills, one of these will surely be your new fave. 1. Daisy Eau So Fresh.  This is Marc Jacob’s update of his most popular fragrance, Daisy. Want to smell charming, […]

His Hands: Sudden Fiction

Here is a short piece I wrote that was just published in the Tufts Magazine. I’m quite proud of it and wanted to share. The long olive-brown fingers were long and feminine in form but were distinctly masculine in character, stature, and presence. The skin glistened with a matte dewiness, giving the fingers the freedom […]